The Nehr Agency is a management consulting business focused on organizational change and communication practices that help teams work better together and achieve lasting outcomes. Learning and continuous improvement principles are fundamental to Nehr Agency consulting services because we believe in creating sustainable, flexible results. Using strength-based consulting techniques, we facilitate strategy development activities, nurture effective communication practices, and support leaders and teams to reach their goals. 

Services range from objectively assessing an organization's strengths and challenge areas, to actively working with teams to create and execute strategies, action plans, metrics, and processes for implementation and improvement. The Nehr Agency will deliver customized plans, reports, or tools, like surveys, training programs, or repositories, based on each organization's objectives.  Whether strategic or tactical in nature, The Nehr Agency can offer management expertise to enable better, more flexible, lasting results.

Change Management
    When people work together, some strategies they use are productive, and others, quite simply, are not. Especially when an organization wants to put something new in place, it can be difficult for insiders to be unbiased about what really needs to change when they are so intimately involved. Change is hard. Knowledge and communication management are critical when leading people to achieve a goal. Leverage expert advice, facilitation, and follow through from The Nehr Agency to help achieve your organizational goals.