EVERYONE IS… Community Conversation Series

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. The purpose of the EVERYONE IS Conversation Series is to encourage peace and social harmony by expanding individual perspectives and tolerance for people of wildly different backgrounds. We want to listen to understand each other and to make the world a better place. We commit to focusing on hearing and learning what is difficult, this is where we grow. Click on the topics below for more information about a session, including how to attend.

 Topic Premise     Date 
 EVERYONE IS CONNECTED  We are all part of the same societal fabric. Diversity is strong, not weak.  10/21/2017
 EVERYONE IS KIND  There is no such thing as a hateful baby.  11/11/2017
 EVERYONE IS GOOD      No one started evil, terrible behavior is a product of environment.  12/2/2017
 EVERYONE IS A LEADER     Everyone can model good behavior, even in the smallest of ways.  1/13/2018
 EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST     Creativity is narrowly defined and conditioned out of us.  2/17/2018
 EVERYONE IS SMART  There are various types of intelligence to be appreciated and respected.  3/24/2018

What you can expect:

No more than 20 people per session [need sign-up list]

90 minutes per topic broken down below

·       10 minutes introductions

·       5 minutes house rules (standard plus suggestions like whether to record notes)

·       5-10 minutes premise/research presentation of topic (from reading, or expert speaker with credible references)

·       60 minutes facilitated discussion; everyone gets to speak 

·       5 minutes closing