Consulting Service Areas
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  • Strategy DevelopmentWork with leaders to devise organizational elements and practices that enable strategic goals to be realized as intended. May include a customized Strategic Management Framework, Communication Planning, and dashboard elements including Key Performance Indicators for monitoring progress. 

  • Knowledge Management: Capture and organize key organizational knowledge and make it available where it matters most. Some knowledge can be made explicit by writing policies and procedures that team members can read and reference. Other knowledge is only leveraged when companies create and foster innovative practices to encourage idea sharing, problem solving, and collaboration. 

  • Communication ManagementCommunication styles and messaging creates, or reflects, a team dynamic, and should be proactively managed. Effective communication is critical to a medium to large organization so that key process information and strategic goals are understood and people are working in the same direction. However, communication should be managed even on a small team, with careful attention to the type of culture created by exchanges within the team.  

  • Process Improvement: Formalized process documentation is not always necessary to achieve good outcomes and attain success. However, particularly in complex organizations or when trying to improve trouble spots, it helps to have a visual understanding of how work is done, in which systems, and by whom. Process documentation and development may not be the most exciting thing people in an organization do, but the power of articulating workflows and process steps should not be underrated.  

  • Program and Operational ManagementTailor management best practices to your organization for maximum effectiveness. Nehr Agency consultants will adapt best practices to ensure projects run more smoothly and meet objectives, while leveraging technology and people to influence and accelerate desired changes. Enhance operations with organizational learning practices, two-way communication practices and continuous improvement mechanisms.